About Me

imageDexter JoynerII AKA 


(26)Born and raised in the state of Maryland.I grew up with my little brother being active in many sports such as basketball,baseball and ice hockey.As time went on all through my school years, I always had some kind of struggle in my weight.Did not like the way i looked or felt about my whole situation. Four years after graduating high school, that all changed. Even though i was playing sports, i didnt know anything about the nutrition or being active and how it was very important to daily life.

So one day my little brother took me to the gym with him.We went to different schools so he was available and learned how to use weights to workout. Finally I got the inside secret on how he was able to stay in shape all his life. I walked into the gym and got bit by that bug. I learned so much each day about health+fitness,and made a amazing one year transformation.

People were shocked, and I became living proof/motivation for others to do the same. I had so many people that came to workout with me and made fast results just within 6months. I was told for 2years straight to become a personal trainer because it became my passion. So i became certified though the ISSA program and never looked back. Best move i ever made which is do what I love and give back at the same time. So when i train people which become life time clients. They say its because of the way I motivate them, make the workouts fun, and being truthful so that they can get the results. I'm right there with them,give me a 100% and I will give the same right back and more.

Also Im affiliated with the wellness company Herbalife.Was discovered and brought in as one of their health coaches/personal trainers.Our vision together is to reach and inspire as many people as possibe.Help them reach a fitness goal,feel great and look amazing.